Willem M. Van der Wal, PhD

I'm Willem van der Wal. I have a PhD in Biostatistics and work as a statistical researcher in The Netherlands. In my spare time I conduct research in fields that I find fascinating such as policy analysis and criminology. The work that I present on this site is conducted by me as a private individual, and is not endorsed or supported by any organization. Opinions expressed are solely my own.

I am building a database with measurements in each country, over many years, of economic, demographic, political and cultural information. This contains data on macroeconomics, housing markets, energy, development, education, poverty, age and sex distribution, (armed) conflict, crime, stock markets, religion and immigration. I use sources from the IMF, United Nations, World Bank, etc. I am systematically analyzing these data. I share my insights on my website vanderwalresearch.com/blog and on Minds at minds.com/vanderwalresearch.

My résumé